Mary Swain's Transfer of Money to County General Fund Tops $12 Million

PRESS RELEASE, (Updated) January 15, 2021

Butler County Clerk of Courts Mary Swain’s Transfer of Money to County General Fund Tops $12 Million

Swain has Transferred Excess Title Fund Money to County Each Year Since 2011

Many offices are doing what they can to eliminate waste, find savings, and work with the Commissioners to make a leaner, more cost-efficient county government on behalf of the taxpayers of Butler County.

When Butler County Clerk of Courts Mary Swain was appointed to her position in 2011, she quickly found a way to help the county general fund and the Butler County taxpayers.

“We really were aggressive in making our Title Division strong, customer friendly, and frankly, a solid revenue machine,” stated Swain, who, as Clerk of Courts, operates the title offices around Butler County. “We get tremendously positive customer feedback, and because of the revenue, our title offices are self-sufficient, cost-wise. Therefore, we have excess title funds and it only makes sense to transfer the money to the county general fund, which I am by law permitted to do. It is a win-win for everyone.”

Swain was elected to her first full term in 2012 and has annually transferred money to the county. The Clerk of Courts will transfer $1.75 million to the county general fund applied to next year’s budget. Since 2011, the total returned amount is 12.12 million dollars.

According to Swain, not every county in Ohio is in a position to do this.  Swain does it with no expectations or strings attached.

“I do not request that the funds go to any specific project or department, nor do I expect any special treatment because of the transferred money. It is excess funds, and the county has many services for the public where they can utilize the money. I know they will make the right decisions. They always do. The Clerk of Courts is happy to work with the Commissioners to help keep county funds flowing for the benefit of taxpayers in Butler County.”

Although the county budget is many times the amount of the annual transfer, Swain is glad to do her part. “It is a positive net. It is doing our part for the county, and being fiscally responsible. I am strongly conservative and this is just the way I believe government should be operated, working together to solve problems and keeping a close eye on funds and resources.”