Court Costs & Deposits

Required Deposits of the General Division
The General Division requires the following  funds to be placed on deposit for each civil action or proceeding filed with the Clerk of Courts.

Deposits required for filings in the office of the Butler County Clerk of Courts:

 Effective September 1, 2023


Foreclosure Case Initiation (Includes Appraiser Fees)

$ 725.00

Praecipe for Order of Sale (Includes Website Sheriff’s Sale) *


Praecipe for Order of Sale with Multiple Parcels, Additional Charge Per Parcel *


Alias Praecipe for Order of Sale


Praecipe for Order of Sale (Private Selling Officer) *


Case Initiation (Complaints Other Than Foreclosure)


Original Jury Demand


Amended Complaints **


Counterclaim / Cross Claim **


Third Party Complaint **


Judgment Writ (Writ of Possession)


Cognovit With Certificate of Judgment


Cognovit Without Certificate of Judgment


Petition for Court-Ordered Title


Bond Substitution for Mechanic’s Lien


Auto License Appeal


Certificate of Judgment


Issue Service to Another Court (CJ “to go”)


Foreign Certificate of Judgment


Release of Certificate of Judgment


Foreign County Sheriff Service


Garnishments (Personal Earnings)


Garnishments (Bank Attachment)


Proceedings in Aid Of Execution (Writ of Execution)


Judgment Debtor’s Exam


Motion for Expungement 


Petition For Certification of Employment


Out-of-State Subpoena


Copies Per Page


Certified Copies Per Page


Authenticated Copies (Add $2.00 Per Page For Certification)




Court of Appeals




Transfer of cases from Municipal and Area Courts:  The party whose action required the transfer must pay the full amount – the same as a new case.  If there no payment, there is no filing. 


* No sale shall be confirmed, nor dismissal entered, until all costs, including appraisal fees, are paid.


** Additional fee for each new party to be served                        $9.00                                                                                   

Individuals requesting to waive costs must have an application approved by a judge.

Required Deposits of the Domestic Relations Division

The following funds must be placed on deposit for each DOMESTIC RELATIONS action or proceeding filed in the Clerk of Courts. 

Divorce Complaints, Counter Complaints, Cross Complaints:    
With Children


Without Children


With Children


Without Children


Complaints for Custody and/or Support


Service by Publication Fee


Post Decree Motions and Counter Motion


Agreed Entries


Guardian Ad Litem (deposit)


Standing Process Server Affidavit/Entry