Ohio law requires owners of manufactured homes to obtain a Certificate of Title. (Manufactured home titles are transferred in the same manner as motor vehicle titles.) Dealers are required to process the title of a new manufactured home.

All titles for a previously-owned manufactured home must have tax approval stamps from the County Treasurer's Office and the County Auditor's Office before a transfer of ownership can occur. The following information will aid in the process of obtaining title to a used manufactured home:

Step 1
Assignment of Title: The seller must complete the back of the original Ohio Certificate of Title, assigning it to the purchaser. The Certificate of Title must be signed and notarized in the presence of a notary public or a deputy clerk.

Step 2
Payment of Property Tax: Manufactured home taxes for the current year, and any back taxes, must be paid in full at the Treasurer's Office. When the taxes are paid, a deputy treasurer will affix the required stamp to the title.

Step 3
Payment of Conveyance Fee: You must pay the conveyance fee at the Auditor's Office.
A deputy auditor will affix the required second stamp to the front of the title when the fee is paid.

Step 4
The owner must bring the properly-assigned title with the property and conveyance stamps affixed to any of the three title offices to obtain a new title. Fees will apply.

Step 5
Once the title has been transferred, the new owner must mail a copy of the newly-issued title to the Auditor's Office.