State Tax Liens

The Ohio Department of Taxation files judgment liens in the Clerk of Courts office to recover revenue for a variety of taxes, including but not limited to sales tax, withholding tax, and personal income tax.
To release a tax lien, the debtor must contact the Ohio Attorney General's Office of Collections and Enforcement to determine the exact amount of tax owed.  Payment of the original tax must be remitted to the Ohio Department of Taxation.  

Once the tax is paid, the State of Ohio will issue the debtor a Release and Satisfaction of Judgment.  To properly release the state tax lien, the debtor must file this document in the Clerk of Courts' office along with the appropriate fees and all outstanding court costs.  The Clerk accepts cash, check, money order, American Express, Discover or MasterCard.
Judgment (Civil) Liens

The Clerk of Courts has the statutory responsibility to maintain the judgment docket for judgment liens rendered by the Butler County Court of Common Pleas or liens transferred from other courts.  When a judgment lien is filed with the Clerk of Courts, it becomes a “Certificate of Judgment” that may be executed upon by the creditor.

To release a judgment/civil lien, the debtor must satisfy and obtain a certified copy of the Entry of Satisfaction from the original court of jurisdiction.  

All court costs must be paid, including the cost for filing an Entry of Satisfaction.