Beware of Jury Scams!


Hamilton, Ohio –Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones and Butler County Prosecutor Michael Gmoser, in partnership with Butler County Clerk of Courts Mary Swain and Court Administrator Wayne Gilkison, are warning county citizens of the latest jury scam.

Apparently, scam callers are posing as representatives or actual deputies from the Sheriff’s Department, telling people that they are guilty of skipping jury duty, and asking for payment through cash or gift cards. The caller often instructs the person on the line to come immediately to a location and pay the fine.

“On occasion, we hear of contemptable people who create a jury scam that sounds very real and very plausible,” stated Mary Swain. “Usually, it is through phone calls, or sometimes through social media. This time, it is direct phone calls with bogus accusations of skipping jury duty, and threats of prosecution if the person does not follow strict instructions and pay a fine. The public should know that they will be notified through direct mail regarding jury duty or anything to do with jury obligations, and will never be notified through a threatening phone call that they are guilty of any crime in relation to being a juror.”

Sheriff Jones implored citizens to be mindful of scams. “It is always the best course of action to call our office or the Butler County Courts to verify any accusations made or requests for payments of fines. These scammers are slick, but it is smart and easy to just make a phone call and confirm any allegations or demand of payment.”

Prosecutor Gmoser echoed the need for citizens to verify any claim of guilt that comes over the phone or through social media. “Our court system doesn’t work like that. There are set procedures, and it never involves someone calling to make an accusation of guilt or requesting immediate payment of fines.  I implore the public to substantiate any claim made against them by reaching out to the Clerk of Courts office, and not fall for the scams of these shameless individuals.” 

If Butler County residents receive questionable calls regarding jury duty, they can call the Jury Management Division of the Butler County Clerk of Courts at (513) 887-3278.